A long time Ago (1978) there was... Quark!

Hi! I am a fan of the 1978 sci-fi/Comedy series "Quark". This series lasted for eight episodes, and parodied shows such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Flash Gordon and 2001. It was set aboard a galactic garbage scow.

Richard Benjamin played Adam Quark, the captain.
Cyb and Patricia Barnstable (Who also were the DoubleMint twins, in the chewing gum commercials) played Betty 1 and Betty 2, the co-pilots. One was a clone of the other, but neither would admit to it.
Richard Kelton played Ficus Pandorata, this ships Science officer, who was a humanoid plant.
Tim Thomerson played "Gene/Jene" who had both female and male personalities.

I will have pictures and links to a couple other Quark pages. I also have a mailing list just for Quark fans. The list is QuarkTV@Egroups.com.

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